A Hand Made and Wooden Cherry Gumdrop

Wooden Cherry Gumdrop by 64 Colors

Wood as a material seems to be taking on a more prominent role in the Urban Vinyl scene, increasingly upstaging, well, vinyl. This may be best highlighted by previous releases such as the Misko Mini Series and the upcoming wooden Cherry Gumdrop release from 64 Colors. Each figure is hand made from Michigan cherry wood and is twice the size of a normal vinyl Gumdrop. Due out August 8th, the wooden Cherry Gumdrop will be priced at $125.

Source: Vinyl Pulse

McFarlane Downsizes Halo

McFarlane Halo Micro Ops High Ground Bunker, Shade Turret and Two FiguresMcFarlane Toys is aiming to recreate the miniature wonder of Micro Machines with its new Halo Micro Ops line. Covering figures, vehicles and environments from the Halo trilogy, Halo 3: ODST, Halo Wars, and Halo: Reach, Micro Ops features a 1:100/15mm scale. The line will feature sets big and small with prices ranging from $8 to $29. To view the entire Micro Ops line, check out McFarlane’s product selection at Spawn.com.

Source: Tomopop

Mars Curiosity Rover Gets Die-Cast Model

Mars Curiosity Rover Die Cast Model - White and Black with 6 Wheels - From Hot Wheels


Launched in late 2011, NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover will be making its way to the red planet with an approximate landing date of August the 6th. To commemorate the occasion, Hot Wheels will be releasing a model of the rover in September as part of its 2012 assortment, which consists of 247 different vehicles. The Mars Curiosity Rover cost $2.5 billion to build and is nuclear powered, but fortunately, the Hot Wheels version is radiation free and should only cost a little over $1.

Source: CSMonitor

ThreeA 1/6 Scale Halo Figures Make Their Entrance

Commander Carter and Commando Spartan MkV 13.5 Inches Tall

Standing at a whopping 13.5 inches tall and with a price tag of over $200, the ThreeA 1/6 scale Halo figures of Commander Carter and Commando Spartan MkV will soon be available for purchase starting August 1st. Based on characters from the popular video game franchise, each figure comes complete with armor that attaches magnetically to the figure as well as fiber optics that light up the helmet as well as various sensors on the suit. Continue reading ThreeA 1/6 Scale Halo Figures Make Their Entrance