Two New Pokemon TCG Promo Blisters Expected in May







New Pokemon TCG blisters featuring Turtonator and Vikavolt promo cards will be released this May. Both blisters will feature booster packs from the upcoming Sun and Moon expansion, Guardians Rising. As we usually see with blisters, each one will include 3 booster packs, a promo card, and a plastic Pokemon coin. Given the current price of Sun & Moon blisters, expect these to be priced at $12.99.

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Red from Pokemon Origins to Get His Very Own Nendoroid

Pokemon Origins Red NendoroidPurveyors of all things cute, the Good Smile Company, will soon be releasing a Nendoroid  figure of Red from Pokemon Origins. The figure of Red, will only be available from Pokemon Center stores in Japan and for ¥4,500 (roughly $45) starting September 27th. The pre-order period for the figure is set to begin May 24th and run through June 29th. Each Nendoroid of Red is also set to include Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander; the three starter Pokemon, and Pokeball, Master Ball, Pokedex and backpack accessories.

Venusaur Pokemon D-Arts Figure Announced

Bandai D-Arts Pokemon Venusaur Figure

Another well known “Pocket Monster” from the original 151 Pokemon will soon have its own Bandai D-Arts figure. The grass/poison Pokemon Venusaur, who evolves from Bulbasaur and Ivysaur, will feature many points of articulation, as seen on similar D-Arts figures. The first Pokemon D-Arts figure, that of Mewtwo, was released on March 30th, 2013 while Charizard will be released in April of this year. Venusaur is set to be released in August, 2013 and will likely feature a similar price point of ¥3,990/$40, the same as the Charizard and Mewtwo D-Arts figures.

Source: Tomopop

Tomy Pokemon White Kyurem Articulated Vinyl Figure Review

Tomy Pokemon White Kyurem Figure-Box

Kyurem is quite a legend in the world of Pokemon, quite literally so, considering that Kyurem is in fact a legendary Pokemon. The new Pokemon White Kyurem Articulated Vinyl Figure from Tomy depicts the “white” version of the dragon and ice type Pokemon, who is formed when a DNA splicer is used with fellow Tao trio Pokemon Reshiram. The White Kyurem is best known for gracing the cover of Pokemon White Version 2. Continue reading Tomy Pokemon White Kyurem Articulated Vinyl Figure Review

Tomy Pokemon Throh vs. Sawk Figure Pack Review

Tomy Pokemon Throh vs. Sawk Figure Pack BoxThroh and Sawk are the martial artists of the ever expanding Pokemon world. Both creatures don the elegant white robes that are best known as icons of the Eastern fighting styles they represent. While both Throh and Sawk are quite different, they each also share some similarities. Both are male only, fighting type Pokemon who do not evolve from or into any other Pokemon. The new Pokemon Throw vs. Sawk Figure Pack from Tomy recreates the pair of fighting Pokemon in miniature. Continue reading Tomy Pokemon Throh vs. Sawk Figure Pack Review

Mewtwo D-Arts Pokemon Figure To Be Released

Bandai D-Arts Pokemon Mewtwo FigureBandai will be releasing its first Pokemon D-Arts figure, that of Mewtwo, on March 30th. Standing about 6 inches tall and priced at roughly $40, the D-Arts Mewtwo features an impressive degree of articulation, which allows the figures hands and tail a great range of motion. Also included are a small figure of Mew as well as a accessory that shows the effect of one of Mewtwo’s moves. April will see the release of three more D-Arts Pokemon figures; Charizard, Blastoise, and Venusaur.

Source: Game Watch

Charizard To Get Its Very Own D-Arts Figure

Tamashii Nations D-Arts CharizardThe D-Arts label has taken quiet strongly to Pokemon with the announcement of Mewtwo figure, which is set to be released in March, 2013, while April, 2013 will see a follow up release,the D-Arts Charizard figure. Standing nearly six inches tall, the Charizard features its characteristic flame on its tail as well as an addition flame to showcase the Pokemon’s ability to breath fire. Much like other D-Arts figures, Charizard features an impressive amount of detail and a multiple points of articulation. With a price of ¥3,990, or about $45, Charizard is perhaps best known for gracing the cover of hit video game, Pokemon Red.

Source: Tomopop