Ultra Prism To Be Newest Pokemon TCG Expansion

An image of the booster box of the newest Pokémon TCG expansion has recently appeared online. Ultra Prism, the fifth expansion of the Sun and Moon era is expected to have more than 150 cards. The set will include 10 GX cards and 6 newly introduced Prism Star card types.

The set is slated for release on February, 2nd, 2018.

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Pokemon Crimson Invasion Booster Box Opening and Average/Expected Value Analysis

While the Crimson Invasion expansion has been around for a few weeks now, I could not help but snag a booster box during the Cool Stuff Inc’s Black Friday sale for about $60.

After opening all 36 packs, here is what I got:

  • Basic Energies (every pack has one): 36
  • Commons, uncommons and special energies: 288
  • Reverse holo commons and uncommons: 22
  • Rares: 25
  • Rare holos and reverse holos: 16
  • GX cards: 9
    • 4 Regular GX
    • 4 Full Arts
    • 1 Secret Rare

GX Cards:

Rare holo and reverse holos:

For pricing of “bulk”, I used values that Deriums offers, since they are a pretty popular place to trade-in bulk online. Even though Deriums is not taking trade ins right now, their values still seem to serve as a good rule of thumb.

That being said, the bulk market has collapsed recently, so outside of GX, other cards tend to have very little value. For GX cards, Full Arts, and the like, I used a very rough average of eBay prices.


  • Basic energies (my estimate): $0.01
  • Commons and uncommons: $0.02
  • Common and uncommon reverse holos:$0.05 (my estimate)
  • Non-holo rares: $0.08
  • Regular and reverse holo rares:$0.10
  • GX Cards:
    • Golem GX Secret Rare: $9.00
    • Golem GX: $3.50 x 2 = $7.00
    • Guzzlord GX Full Art: $6 x 2 = $12.00
    • Kartana GX Full Art: $8
    • Aloan Exeggutor GX: $6
    • Nihilego GX: $5
    • Gyarados GX: $3.50

I also added about 10 cents of value for each code card.

Overall Booster Box value:

  • Code Cards: $3.60
  • Basic energies: $0.36
  • Commons, uncommons and special energies: $5.76
  • Reverse holo commons and uncommons: $1.10
  • Rares: $2.00
  • Rare holos and reverse holos: $1.28
  • GX cards: $50.50

For a total of $64.60.

Therefore, more or less, you can expect an average value of $1.80 per Crimson Invasion pack. Obviously, YMMV dramatically depending on the pulls you get in your pack or box.

Given that the cost of the box was $60 and shipping was $6, the cost of the sealed box was roughly $1.40 more than the value of the cards inside. This is not so bad, but since booster boxes tend to retail at $80 or more, having purchased a box at that price would certainly have been a losing proposition.

Prices may also fluctuate dramatically and are current as of writing

Shining Legends Marshadow Pin Collection Coming in January

A new Shining Legends pin collection, featuring a Marshadow promo card and pin, will be released next month. Much like the other Pokemon TCG Shining Legends pin collections featuring Mewtwo, Pikachu, and Zoroark, the Marshadow set will also include three Shining Legends packs and a special PTCGO code.

Sporting a retail price of $15.99, expect to find the collection cheaper at online retailers like Amazon.

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Pikachu Gets Some Formal Attire

A new set of formal attire has been announced for the Pikachu’s Closet line. Priced at 3200 Yen, or about $31, the new formal attire features a top hat, bow tie, vest along with a set of stately pants and shoes.

Originally released in August, 2017, the Pikachu’s Closet line allows fans to dress up a Pikachu plush, which is sold separately, in a variety of outfits.

The set of attire will be hitting Pokemon Centers in Japan on December, 2nd.

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