Paper Mario Towels and Cushions Due Out In June

Paper Mario TowelsPaper Mario will soon see him and his friends depicted in fabric thanks to a new line of towels and cushions from Japanese firm AM Keihin. Five different towels, depicting Mario (two different styles) , Bowser, Mr. Toad, and Bowser Junior, will be part of the line, each measuring nearly 7 inches long (pictured above). Continue reading Paper Mario Towels and Cushions Due Out In June

Medicom To Release Real Action Heroes Link Figure

Medicom Real Action Heroes Link

Best known as the protagonist of The Legend Of Zelda video game, Link will soon be the newest addition to Medicom’s Real Action Heroes line. The figure of Link will be 30 cm tall, roughly about 1/6th scale, and will feature clothing made out of real cloth as well as an array of accessories, such as the Master Sword and Hylian Shield. Also included are a bow, a beetle grip and a swappable head that features Link’s “battle” face. Based on the version of Link seen in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, pre-orders for the figure are set to begin on March 24th. The figure of Link will be released in November and will feature a price of roughly $220.

Source: Video Game MM and Tomopop

Two New Circuit Playsets Part of Tomica Mario Kart 7 Lineup

Tomica Mario Kart 7 GOGO! Circuit

As part of its new Mario Kart 7 line Tomica will be releasing a pair of circuit playsets inspired by the 3DS racing title. One of the new playsets is the Tomica Mario Kart 7 GOGO! Circuit (pictured above). The circuit is powered by two AAA batteries, which allow for the recently released Karts from the game to race around the track while a “gravel gimmick” makes the patch of each vehicle unpredictable. Continue reading Two New Circuit Playsets Part of Tomica Mario Kart 7 Lineup

Tomica Releases Mario Kart 7 Model Car Assortment

Tomy Tomica Mario Kart 7 Racecars

Tomica has released a new assortment of model cars from the popular Nintendo 3DS title Mario Kart 7 featuring Mario, Toad, Luigi and Yoshi. Two kart varieties are available for each character, standard and Bumble V, with both vehicles featuring a removable kite. The model karts are due out in the middle of March and will be priced at roughly $8 each. Released in late 2011, Mario Kart 7 has sold more than 4.5 million copies and is the second best selling 3DS title behind Super Mario 3D Land.

Source: VideoGame MM

Take Flight With The Flying Squirrel Mario Plush

Super Mario Brothers WiiU Flying Squirrel Mario PlushWhile Mario is best recognized in his usual plumber attire, Nintendo’s lovable character also tends to gain power-ups that grant him new abilities and sometimes even change his appearance. In the WiiU launch title, New Super Mario Bros. U, Mario turns into a Flying Squirrel upon eating a Super Acorn, which provided inspiration for a new plush figure (pictured above). TheĀ Flying Squirrel Mario Plush will be available in two sizes; medium and large. The medium plush measures nearly 15 inches tall and is priced at about $30 while the small plush measures 9.5 inches and is priced at roughly $17.50.

Source: Game Watch