New LEGO Minecraft Sets Rumoured

Minecraft LogoTwo new Minecraft themed sets may be on their way, thanks to the success of the original LEGO CUUSOO project released last year. The new sets appear to be tentatively titled 21105 Minecraft II and 21106 Minecraft III and will likely follow in the the footsteps of the first LEGO CUUSOO Minecraft set, which turned out be a smashing success even leading to a second production run.  Minecraft has been one of the most successful video game titles in recent memory selling more than 20 million units since its release.

Source:Brickset, Andy Sowards (Image)

LEGO Minecraft Micro World Begins Rolling Off Production Lines

Production of LEGO Minecraft Micro World has begun, according to a post by LEGO on their official Facebook page. The post showcases LEGO model designer, Steen Sig Andersen, holding up the first production copy of the  CUUSOO backed set at the LEGO production facility in Denmark. The set will begin shipping this summer and can be pre-ordered at Jinx for $34.99.

LEGO Minecraft Set Revealed

After gaining more than 10,000 supporters on CUUSOO and going through LEGO’s vetting development process, the first LEGO Minecraft set has finally been revealed. The set will be released this summer and has a price tag of $34.99 . It consists of 480 pieces and includes two Micro Mobs, Steve and Creeper. LEGO Minecraft Micro World is currently available for pre-order at Jinx.


LEGO World Copenhagen Will Provide First Look at LEGO Minecraft

LEGO World Copenhagen will host the unveiling of the LEGO Minecraft set on February 16th at the LEGO CUUSOO and Mojang special event. The set, 21102 LEGO Minecraft Micro World, was developed by LEGO thanks to the concept gaining more than 10,000 votes on the LEGO CUUSOO website.

Source: Brickset

Minecraft inspired LEGO Set Soon to Become Reality Thanks to CUUSOO

A Minecraft LEGO Set is officially being developed, after passing a feasibility review from The LEGO Group. The concept achieved more than 10,000 supports on LEGO’s CUUSOO website. LEGO CUUSOO allows individuals to present idea for LEGO sets and attempts to put them into production if the idea gathers more than 10,000 supporters.No word yet when the set will be released as it is still in development.

Source: LEGO CUUSOO Blog