A Wooden BE@RBRICK That Will Empty Your Wallet

Medicom has collaborated with firm fragment design to produce a new pair of wooden 400% size BE@RBRICKS. Priced at a whopping 200,000 Yen (roughly $1770) each, the hand-made wooden figures are available in Natural Wood and Carbon Black varieties. Both figures are available starting this month at the Medicom Toy Plus retail store in Tokyo.

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War Machine Be@abricks Released

War Machine BearbrickIron Man 3 has been one of this Summer’s biggest blockbusters,  grossing over one billion dollars in revenue. This makes it about time that Medicom Toy released a figure of one of the movie’s main characters, War Machine. The figure will be available in both 100% and 400% versions, with the 100% figure priced at ¥1,680/$17 and the 400% figure priced at ¥7,350/$75.

Source: Medicom Toy Blog

Medicom To Release Real Action Heroes Link Figure

Medicom Real Action Heroes Link

Best known as the protagonist of The Legend Of Zelda video game, Link will soon be the newest addition to Medicom’s Real Action Heroes line. The figure of Link will be 30 cm tall, roughly about 1/6th scale, and will feature clothing made out of real cloth as well as an array of accessories, such as the Master Sword and Hylian Shield. Also included are a bow, a beetle grip and a swappable head that features Link’s “battle” face. Based on the version of Link seen in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, pre-orders for the figure are set to begin on March 24th. The figure of Link will be released in November and will feature a price of roughly $220.

Source: Video Game MM and Tomopop

BE@RBRICK and Bose To Offer New Promotional Figure


Bose and Medicom have teamed up to offer an exclusive BE@RBRICK, inspired by the high end audio equipment brand, to audiophile, toy collecting, consumers in Japan. Those who spend more than ¥9,000 (roughly $109) at the new Tenjin IMS store (Fukuoka) and Bose Premium Store Shinsaibashi will receive an exclusive limited edition BE@RBRICK Bose figure. The promotion starts on November 30th and may be available in other Bose location’s in Japan as well.

Source: Medicom Toy Blog

BE@RBRICK Gets Into The Holiday Spirit

2012 Xmas BE@RBRICK Santa ClausVer.Medicom Toy is releasing two new BE@RBRICK figures that both feature a big dash of Christmas cheer. The two figures are the 2012 Xmas BE@RBRICK Santa ClausVer. (pictured above), and the 2012 Xmas BE@RBRICK Christmas tree Ver. (pictured below). Both figures will only be available in limited quantities and are priced at ¥1,575, or roughly, $19.39 each.

2012 Xmas BE@RBRICK Christmas tree Ver.

Source: Medicom Toy Official Blog

He’s A Bear And A Spider And A Man

The Amazing Spider-Man x Medicom Toy 1000% BearbrickMedicom’s new Bearbrick Spider-Man 1000% is a lot of things, but one thing he is not is small. Standing 10 times the size of a normal Bearbrick (hence the 1000%), the Amazing Spider-Man Bearbrick is more than two feet tall. Released on November 3rd, the Bearbrick carries a large price tag as well, coming in at ¥29,400, or roughly $370.

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BE@RBRICK EVANGELION-2.0 YOU CAN (NOT) ADVANCE. 2 Piece Set DMedicom Toy will be releasing a brand new Be@rbrick set based on the 2009 anime movie, Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance. The two piece set features Be@rbricks based on pilot Kaworu Nagisa and the EVA Mark.06. The set is available on the Project 1/6 Store for ¥2,604, or roughly $32.50.

Source: Medicom Toy Blog