One LEGO Set To Rule Them All

LEGO The Lord Of The Rings 10237 Tower of Orthanc Box

LEGO has unveiled their grandest LEGO Lord Of The Rings set yet, the 28 inch tall 10237 Tower of Orthanc. Made out of 2359 pieces, the set comes with a Great Eagle, figures of Saruman, Grima Wormtongue, Gandalf the Grey, an Uruk-hai and the Orc Pitmaster, as well as a 9 inch tall buildable Ent. In addition, the six story tall structure also includes a palantir that glows with the use of a LEGO light brick.

LEGO The Lord Of The Rings 10237 Tower of Orthanc Set

Slated for release this July, the set will be priced at $199.99.

New LEGO The Lord Of The Rings Pirate Ship Ambush Set Nearly 2 Feet Long

LEGO The Lord Of The Rings Pirate Ship Ambush 79008

New snaps of the upcoming LEGO The Lord Of The Rings 79008 Pirate Ship Ambush have showcased the immense size of the set. The ship will stand more than a foot tall and will run nearly two feet long. The set, which is slated for a June release, will also feature nine minifigures, including: Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, King of the Dead, two Soldiers of the Dead, the Pirate of Umbar and two Mordor Orcs.

Source: Lord of the Brickmotayan, Brickipedia

LEGO The Lord Of The Rings Summer 2013 Set Images Leaked

LEGO The Lord Of The Rings Summer 2013Set images, taken from what seems like a retailers catalog, of the  Summer 2013 LEGO The Lord Of The Rings have leaked out on to the internet. Four new sets are slated for a June 2013 release. The set lineup (with their respective minifigures) include:

  • 79005The Wizard Battle: Gandalf the Grey and Saruman Minifigs
  • 79006The Council of Elrond: Elrond, Frodo, Arwen and Gimli
  • 79007Battle at the Black Gate: Gandalf the White, Aragorn, The Witch King of Angmar & 2 x Morder Orc
  • 79008Pirate Ship Ambush: Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, King of Dead, 2 x Soldiers of Dead, 2 x Mordor Orc and 2 x Corsair Pirate

Since the pictures are only preliminary, it is possible prior to their release in the summer of 2013, that the sets may change somewhat. New details about the 2013 LEGO The Lord of the Rings lineup should emerge in the coming weeks and months and possibly specify details such as price and piece count.

Source: Lord Of The Brick, TheBrickTeen

New LEGO The Lord Of The Rings Polybag To Serve As Elven Army Builder

LEGO The Lord Of The Rings Mirkwood Elf Guard 30212

Raising an Elven Army has never been easier thanks to the new LEGO The Lord Of The Ring Mirkwood Elf Guard polybag release. Of course, gathering those elves for battle will still be pricy, with each set running roughly $4.99 each. The latest in a line of LEGO The Lord Of The Ring polybags, the set is now available at Toys R Us.


Lego Sculptures Stand Tall At 2012 New York Comic Con

LEGO Gandalf The Grey and Bilbo Baggins

The New York Comic Con, which was held from from October 11th to the 14th in New York City, saw LEGO announce a slate of new product releases. Proudly displayed at NYCC were an assortment of large LEGO sculptures depicting prominent characters from current and upcoming product lines from the company. Detailed statues of Gandalf the Grey and Bilbo Baggins (pictured above), brought attention to the upcoming LEGO The Hobbit theme, set for release later this year.

LEGO The Hulk

A very green and mean The Hulk was also on display (pictured above). The Hulk is one of the leading characters from the The Avengers characters to make an appearance in LEGO’s new Super Heroes lineup. Overall, NYCC 2012 displayed the strength of LEGO’s licenses, which now range from Stars Wars, The Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit to Marvel, DC Universe and the newly unveiled Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Source: Art Info