Doraemon Toys Appear In McDonalds Japan Happy Meals

Doraemon McDonalds Happy Set Toys

The iconic Japanese children’s character, Doraemon, will be making an appearance in Happy Sets (better known as Happy Meals in the United States) at McDonald’s Restaurants in Japan. The promotion will see McDonald’s offer up six different Doraemon toys with its Happy Sets. Doraemon, who is a robotic cat who promotes positive values, first made his appearance in Manga in 1969. Since then, he has since gone on to appear in three anime series and multiple movies as well, the latest of which was released this month.

A Puzzling Pencil

Varacil Mechanical Pencil Plastic Puzzle Kit

Scale model kits often depict military hardware or robots from popular Anime, but Japanese firm As If Toy has produced a kit that is in a league of its own. As If’s Varacil Mechanical Pencil Plastic Puzzle Kit is a model kit that allows for the building of a 1:1 scale functioning pencil. The kit consists of 22 pieces and takes a little under an hour to put together. The pencil uses 0.5mm lead but it cannot be used for heavy duty writing due to its fragility. The Pencil kit first became available in June and is priced at ¥945 or roughly $10.75.

Source: Rocket News 24

An Airplane Model With Every Drink

Orangina Air France Model Plane

Born in France, Bottled in Japan is the tagline that Suntory Holdings, the producer of  Orangina, is trying to highlight with its new promotion that features a model Air France plane with each bottle of the orange flavored sparkling beverage. The promotion includes six different planes of the Airbus, Boeing and Concorde variety. Beverages in Japan often feature novelty items or small toys included with the purchase of each bottle. An Orangina bottle with the included plane model is priced at ¥147 or roughly $1.75.

Source: Packaging World

Celebrating The Holidays With BE@RBRICK and Disney

Disney Christmas Party BE@RBRICK 400 PercentSome lucky folks will have the opportunity to celebrate the Holidays with a wide variety of Disney inspired BE@RBRICK figures thanks to the Disney Christmas Party BE@RBRICK Happy Lottery. The lottery, which will cost ¥500 or roughly $6 per ticket, will give contestants the chance to win one of 25 BE@RBRICK prizes, 15 pair box prizes, 1 special prize (400%) and 1 L@ST prize. Those who purchase two tickets will also receive a Christmas card. With tickets only available for purchase in Japan, this Holiday season will mark only the second time that BE@RBRICK has held such a lottery.

Disney Christmas Party BE@RBRICK 1Disney Christmas Party BE@RBRICK 2

Source: Medicom Toy Blog