Three New BEAR’GGUY Gunpla to be Released in February

Three new BEAR’GGUY Gunplas have been announced for release in February by Bandai. The new releases will include a PAPA’GGUY and two PETIT’GGUY varieties. The PAPA’GGUY (center image) sports a mature look with a top hat and cane, while the two PETIT’GGUY Gunplas, Soda Pop Blue & Ice Candy (the image on the left) and Bitter Sweet Brown (the image on the right), are both desert themed. Please note, Bandai has warned Gunpla builders that neither desert themed PETIT’GGUY is edible.


How Gunpla Are Made

A new video from Bandai showcases the process that goes into making a Gunpla kit. It is fascinating to see the level of craftsmanship that goes into the development of each and every Gunpla model, starting with perfecting the mould all the way to the high-tech injection moulding process. Gunpla production takes place at Bandai’s Shizuoka Hobby Center in Japan , a town roughly 2 hours south of Tokyo.

Plastic Bottle Gunpla

Plastic Bottle Gundam

While Gundam model kits are known to be made out of plastic, namely polystyrene, a sake shop owner in Shimotsuke, Tochigi, Japan decided to build his very own gunpla out of plastic bottles. Standing nearly 10 feet tall, the Pet Bottle Gundam as it is known (plastics bottles are often made out of a plastic called PET), faithfully replicates the form of the iconic RX-78-2 Mobile Suit. So next time you find yourself in Shimotsuke, about 60 miles outside of Tokyo, drop by Kashiwazaki Sakadana and take a few pictures with the P.B. Gundam.

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Bandai Shows Off Upcoming MG v Gundam Ver. Ka Gunpla

RX-93At the 52nd All Japan Plamodel Hobby Show, which was held from October 11th to the 14th in the Japanese city of Chiba, located roughly 25 miles southeast of Tokyo, Bandai showed off its current and upcoming Gundam model kits. One of the most notable Gunpla models on display at the show was the MG RX-93 ν Gundam Ver. Ka, which is slated for a December, 2012 release.

MG RX-93 ν Gundam Ver. Ka

At the show, Bandai also highlighted some of the features of the RX-93; such as the double fin funnel, the special base, the ability for the Mobile Suit to grip a weapon and the models points of articulation. But yet more details about the MG RX-93 ν Gundam Ver. Ka are still set to be announced next month at the Gunpla Expo World Tour Japan 2012.