Alana with Baby Hazel Becomes The Latest Funko Specialty Shop Exclusive

A new Pop! Figure from Funk featuring Saga’s Alana, along with baby Hazel in her arms, is slated to reach specialty store shelves in the Spring.

The Funko Pop! line for Saga was announced in October and will be released in February, 2018.

While not as mainstream as comics released by DC and Marvel, Saga has become one of the best selling independent series currently in print.

Expect pricing to be around $10.

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New Lord of the Rings Funko Wave out Next Year

A brand new wave of Funko Pop figures and Mystery Minis will be released early next year. Pop! Figures of Merry, Pippin, Gollum, Aragorn and Lurtz will be released in February and March 2018. Also featured in the wave will be a 6 inch tall Treebeard figure, as well as a chase variant of Gollum that features him holding a fish. Invisible Gollum will be exclusive to book retailer Barnes and Noble, while Toys R Us will have dibs on the Aragorn as King Elessar figure.

A Mystery Minis lineup will also be released in February, 2018, featuring figures of  Frodo, Samwise, Merry & Pippin, Aragorn, Gollum, Saruman, Galadriel, among others.

While Pop! figures retail at roughly $10, a Mystery Minis at $6, expect them to be marked up more at retailers like Toys R Us and Entertainment Earth.

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Panthro Gets a New Ride

Everyone’s second favorite ThunderCats character ( after Snarf of course) is getting a new Dorbz vehicle courtesy of Funko.

The ThunderTank – Panthro figure combo is limited to a production run of 3000 and is priced at $25.

A staple of the 1980s Saturday morning cartoon lineup, ThunderCats has retained its popularity over the years as a cult classic.

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Disney/Pixar Mystery Minis Will Make You Say Aww


Funko has announced a new Disney/Pixar themed Mystery Minis assortment that can best be described as both cute and collectible. The assortment features eight different Disney/Pixar characters, each in three different poses. The blind boxed figures stand about 2.5 inches high, with some figures being rarer than others. Expect to see the Funko Disney/Pixar Mystery Minis out in stores on February 28th.

Wide Variety of Hello Kitty Figures To Be Available For the Holidays

Funko KISS x Hello Kitty Vinyl FiguresHello Kitty is a cat that wears many hats, such as those of all of the members of KISS (as seen above). This, in part, has led Hello Kitty to gain global notoriety from her roots in Japan and become the prime example of a  “kawaii” character. Funko’s line of vinyl figures of Hello Kitty and her Friends (pictured below), along with the Hello Kitty x KISS line certainly capture the iconic cat, both inside and out of her traditional roles. This makes the Hello Kitty vinyl figures an interesting gift for a usually wide variety of people: from KISS fans to toy collectors, to those intrigued by Japanese subculture.

Funko Vinyl Figures

So while everyone may not be a cat person, at least we can all agree on Hello Kitty.