Mega Bloks Sees New Releases

Mega Bloks Super Megaforce Sky Ship Showdown

Mega Blok’s Power Rangers theme continues with the release of the Super Megaforce Sky Ship Showdown set (pictured above). The set is based on the Power Rangers¬†MegaForce TV show that airs on Nickelodeon.

Mega Bloks Adventure Force Fire Station Play Set

Also available on store shelves now is the new Adventure Force line from Mega Bloks featuring Police, Fire (Fire Station set pictured above) and Military themed sets.
The new Adventure Force sets are now available at Wal-Mart and are priced between $9.97 and $49.97.

Via Celeb Baby Laundry and Bloks Forum

Mega Bloks Challenges LEGO Friends Again

Mega Bloks Barbie has been considered Mega Brands answer to the wildly successful LEGO Friends theme. But it seems Mega Brands plans to attack the dominance of the LEGO Friends line on another front, with the release of a new theme, Mega Bloks My Life As.

Taken from a line of dolls available at Wal-Mart, the My Life As line features figures that are oddly enough less doll like compared to the figures in the Mega Bloks Barbie theme. The new theme from Mega Bloks is even odder given the fact that the my Life As dolls resemble and compete with those made by American Girl, which is owned by Mattel, who also owns the Mega Bloks. But given that only four sets of My Life As have been released, it may be too early to ascertain the motivation for its creation. The new Mega Bloks My Life as sets include:

The sets will be priced between $19.97 and $39.97.

Source: Big Box Store via Bloks Forum

Mega Bloks To Release Massive Covenant Scarab Halo Signature Series Set

Mega Bloks Halo Covenant Scarab

October will see the release of a massive 3340 piece Mega Bloks Halo Signature Series set, the Covenant Scarab. The set will be available at Toys R Us but whether it will be exclusive to the store is still yet unknown. The Covenant Scarab will be joining other high piece count Mega Blok Set releases such as the Forward Unto Dawn and the UNSC Mammoth.

Source: Mega Bloks Collectors