Batman is certainly a larger than life character and suitably Medicom Toy will be producing a BE@RBRICK 400% Dark Knight Rises version of the figure. The figure stands nearly a foot tall and is based upon the Batman character seen in the popular motion picture, The Dark Knight Rises. The average BE@RBRICK stands about 3 inches tall but the 400% editions are 4 times the size and are more than 11 inches tall. The figure will be priced at ¥7,140 or about $80 and will be available  this May.

Source: Medicom Toy Blog

BE@RBRICK and Bose To Offer New Promotional Figure


Bose and Medicom have teamed up to offer an exclusive BE@RBRICK, inspired by the high end audio equipment brand, to audiophile, toy collecting, consumers in Japan. Those who spend more than ¥9,000 (roughly $109) at the new Tenjin IMS store (Fukuoka) and Bose Premium Store Shinsaibashi will receive an exclusive limited edition BE@RBRICK Bose figure. The promotion starts on November 30th and may be available in other Bose location’s in Japan as well.

Source: Medicom Toy Blog

Celebrating The Holidays With BE@RBRICK and Disney

Disney Christmas Party BE@RBRICK 400 PercentSome lucky folks will have the opportunity to celebrate the Holidays with a wide variety of Disney inspired BE@RBRICK figures thanks to the Disney Christmas Party BE@RBRICK Happy Lottery. The lottery, which will cost ¥500 or roughly $6 per ticket, will give contestants the chance to win one of 25 BE@RBRICK prizes, 15 pair box prizes, 1 special prize (400%) and 1 L@ST prize. Those who purchase two tickets will also receive a Christmas card. With tickets only available for purchase in Japan, this Holiday season will mark only the second time that BE@RBRICK has held such a lottery.

Disney Christmas Party BE@RBRICK 1Disney Christmas Party BE@RBRICK 2

Source: Medicom Toy Blog

BE@RBRICK Gets Into The Holiday Spirit

2012 Xmas BE@RBRICK Santa ClausVer.Medicom Toy is releasing two new BE@RBRICK figures that both feature a big dash of Christmas cheer. The two figures are the 2012 Xmas BE@RBRICK Santa ClausVer. (pictured above), and the 2012 Xmas BE@RBRICK Christmas tree Ver. (pictured below). Both figures will only be available in limited quantities and are priced at ¥1,575, or roughly, $19.39 each.

2012 Xmas BE@RBRICK Christmas tree Ver.

Source: Medicom Toy Official Blog


BE@RBRICK EVANGELION-2.0 YOU CAN (NOT) ADVANCE. 2 Piece Set DMedicom Toy will be releasing a brand new Be@rbrick set based on the 2009 anime movie, Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance. The two piece set features Be@rbricks based on pilot Kaworu Nagisa and the EVA Mark.06. The set is available on the Project 1/6 Store for ¥2,604, or roughly $32.50.

Source: Medicom Toy Blog

A New Den for Be@rbricks

Thanks to the new Medicom Toy store in Tokyo, Japan, Be@rbricks will soon have a place to call their own. Opening on May 22nd, the Medicom Toy Store will have numerous exclusive figures on sale, including four 100% Be@rBrick figures inspired by wooden kokeshi dolls, Chinese guardian lions, goldfish and kabuki actors. The store will be located in the Tokyo Soramachi Sky Tree Town. The Sky Tree, which is also set to open on the 22nd , is the tallest tower in world as well as the worlds second largest structure after Dubai’s Burj Khalifa.

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