Gundam Thinks Inside the Box

Real Grade RX-78-2 Gundam Model KitOsaka may not be host to the biggest Gundam model in the world but the largest gunpla box does call Japan’s second city its home. Located in Osaka Station City’s South Gate Plaza, the┬áReal Grade RX-78-2 Gundam box is more than 27 feet wide. Intended to promote the Real Grade series, the box will serve as a show room for more than 200 gunpla models.

Source: Tomopop


LEGO Android Robot’s Popularity Explodes on CUUSOO

Line Green LEGO CUUSOO Android RobotWhat apples are to the iPhone, the ubiquitous green robot is to devices running on the Android platform. With Android grabbing a 68% share of the smart phone market as of late, it is only natural that demand for a brick built Android robot has grown. In fact, it has grown so much so that a LEGO CUUSOO project aiming to put the lime green machine into production has gathered more than 5000 supporters in just one week! Featuring multiple points of articulation and a fair amount of detail, the project is well on its way to reach 10,000 supporters and garnering an official review from LEGO.