Kreon Micro Changers Make Their Debut


Hoping to jump on the collectible blind bagged figure bandwagon, Hasbro recently  released the Kre-o Transformers Kreon Micro Changers Line. The line features an assortment of 6 different Transformers inspired robots. Each robot has two modes, allowing it to be rebuilt as an alternative model. The new Kreon Micro Changers series will be taking its place alongside many other similar lines, such as  LEGO Collectible Minifigures, Playmobil figures, and Mega Bloks blind bagged Power Rangers, Halo and Hello Kitty figures.

A Larger Than Usual Model of the Bullet Train

White with Blue Stripe HO Scale 1/87 Shinkansen Bullet Train N 7000

Like most  trains in Japan, the Shinkansen, better known as the Bullet Train in the west, is generally modeled in N scale. While the models, such as those made by Tomix or Kato, tend to capture all the detail they are still fairly small in size. But what if you want something bigger? Then KTM may have the answer with its HO Scale N700 Series Shinkansen. At nearly twice the size of its N scale brethren, each individual car in the series is priced at between $500 to $1000. And even if the HO scale model is still not a big enough Shinkansen for you, there is always G scale.