Two New Pokemon TCG Promo Blisters Expected in May







New Pokemon TCG blisters featuring Turtonator and Vikavolt promo cards will be released this May. Both blisters will feature booster packs from the upcoming Sun and Moon expansion, Guardians Rising. As we usually see with blisters, each one will include 3 booster packs, a promo card, and a plastic Pokemon coin. Given the current price of Sun & Moon blisters, expect these to be priced at $12.99.

Via PokeBeach

A Wooden BE@RBRICK That Will Empty Your Wallet

Medicom has collaborated with firm fragment design to produce a new pair of wooden 400% size BE@RBRICKS. Priced at a whopping 200,000 Yen (roughly $1770) each, the hand-made wooden figures are available in Natural Wood and Carbon Black varieties. Both figures are available starting this month at the Medicom Toy Plus retail store in Tokyo.

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New Gundam Tofu Now Available

Gundam Dom Tofu

Chocolate flavored tofu molded in the form of the Dom Mobile Suit is now available in Japan. Available in mild, bitter and milk varieties, the tofu is made by Sagamiya Foods Co and is priced at 200 Yen a piece. The company is best known for producing Zaku shaped tofu in 2012. The Zaku shaped tofu proved to be smashing success and sold nearly 5 million units.

via Japan Times