Prism Rare Arceus Card To Be Featured In Ultra Force Expansion

A new Prism Rare Card of Arceus has been revealed by Pokemon Japan.  A part of the upcoming Ultra Force expansion, the card will be holographic, much like all of the other cards in the set. Given that Arceus is a Prism Rare, a new rarity type introduced in SM5, expect it to be one of the more sought after cards in Ultra Force.

New Darkrai-GX Figure Collection Out in March

A new Pokemon TCG figure collection centered around Shiny Darkrai-GX is set to be released on March 9th. The collection will feature a new Shiny Darkrai-GX holographic promo card, a figure of Darkrai, four Shining Legends booster packs, and an online code card. The European versions (German packaging pictured below) of the collection will feature a jumbo Shiny Darkrai-GX card in place of the figure.