New Gundam Tofu Now Available

Gundam Dom Tofu

Chocolate flavored tofu molded in the form of the Dom Mobile Suit is now available in Japan. Available in mild, bitter and milk varieties, the tofu is made by Sagamiya Foods Co and is priced at 200 Yen a piece. The company is best known for producing Zaku shaped tofu in 2012. The Zaku shaped tofu proved to be smashing success and sold nearly 5 million units.

via Japan Times

Shinkansen to Feature Evangelion Paint Scheme

500 Type EVA Project

To celebrate the 40th and 20th anniversary of the Sanyo Shinkansen and Neon Genesis Evangelion respectively, the West Japan Railway Company will be outfitting its 500 Series Shinkansen with an Eva inspired paint scheme. Starting in Autumn 2015 and running tunil March, 2017, the promotion will feature NGE inspired travel experience, events and memorabilia.

EVA 500 Series Shinkansen