Ultra Force Is Now Available

The new Pokemon TCG expansion, Ultra Force, is now available in Japan. Every pack of the new expansion features 5 cards, all of which are holographic. Each individual pack will be priced at ¥230 (~$2).

An Ultra Force booster box will have 20 packs and will include at least one Secret Rare card. Given that the set consists of only 50 cards, along with a handful of Secret Rares, expect to get quite a few duplicates in each booster box.

New Ultra Prism Cards Revealed

As the February, 2nd release date of Ultra Prism approaches, new cards from the expansion continue to be unveiled by TPCi. While the set has already been available in Japan, these are the first official English scans of the cards of Infernape (pictured above) and Team Galactic Boss Cyrus (pictured below). Cyrus, of course, will be a Prism Rare, a new rarity type that is being introduced in Ultra Prism.

New Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Deck Builder Boxes Out Next Month in Japan

Two new Deck Building Boxes are set to be released next month in Japan. Priced at ¥3,500 (~$32) each, each box is either Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon themed, and will include:

  • 10 Booster Packs of either Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon
  • 3 Booster Packs of Ultra Force
  • 46 Trainer cards (the exact trainer cards included will be different for each box)
  • 108 Energies (9 different types with 12 of each type included)
  • 4 Special energies ( 2 different types)
  • One Ultra Moon or Ultra Sun themed storage box

The trainers will be reprints of cards seen in the XY expansions. Both boxes will be available starting February, 16 in Japan.

Prism Rare Arceus Card To Be Featured In Ultra Force Expansion

A new Prism Rare Card of Arceus has been revealed by Pokemon Japan.  A part of the upcoming Ultra Force expansion, the card will be holographic, much like all of the other cards in the set. Given that Arceus is a Prism Rare, a new rarity type introduced in SM5, expect it to be one of the more sought after cards in Ultra Force.