More Ninjago in 2015

Ninjago Continues into 2015. The mix of science fiction, mythology and fantasy in the theme continue to be portrayed by the sets in the lineup. The new sets for 2015 include:

Source: Bloks Forum

LEGO Ultra Agents To Spy into 2015

The LEGO Group’s James Bond-seque Ultra Agents theme will feature a new assortment of sets in 2015. The Ultra Agents sets slated for release next year include:

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LEGO Star Wars To Enter 16th Year in 2015

Since it was first released in 1999, LEGO Star Wars has gone on to become one of the most popular LEGO themes and a media franchise in its own right. While there are always new additions to the LEGO Star Wars line, there are also many re-releases of popular vehicles and scenes and 2015 will be no different.

The 2015 LEGO Star Wars sets now also sport a Disney logo thanks to that company’s acquisition of the Star Wars franchise. 2015 will also see Series 2 of Star Wars Microfighters and sets based upon the animated Star Wars Rebels TV Series. The new sets for 2015 include:

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Series 4 of Mixels Coming Out in 2015

A new series of Mixels is slated to be out next year. Each of the characters in the upcoming Series 4 release features a clever name, likely thought up by a McKinsey consultant (maybe by a younger Jørgen Vig Knudstorp?). Sets that will be part of the Series 4 Mixels line in 2015 include:

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LEGO Creator Takes Us From The Tropics To The Toy Store in 2015

LEGO Creator returns in 2015 with a mix of animals and retailers. A colorful tropical parrot along with a frog will be one of the new creator sets released next year. Those critters will be joined by a Toy and Grocery shop, a set surely to whet the appetites of LEGO City fans. The two new sets are:

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Two New Buildings For LEGO Architecture Theme in 2015

New York City’s iconic Flatiron Building and Washington D.C.’s Lincoln Memorial will soon be gracing the LEGO Architecture theme. Preliminary pictures of the sets, which will be released in 2015, are shown below:

Source: Bloks Forum, Eurobricks

LEGO Chima Heads To The Arctic in 2015

LEGO Chima appears to be headed to the frozen tundra in 2015 with its newest sets. And aside from the usual array of mythical vehicles, LEGO Chima in 2015 is also offering up four Battle packs,a mainstay of the Star Wars line, to make army building a breeze. The new LEGO Chima sets for 2015 include:

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New LEGO City Assortment Slated for 2015

A new lot of LEGO City sets will be released next year. The 2015 assortment of LEGO city includes the usual mix of construction equipment, a few different type of trucks and rescue vehicles and sets featuring a Police force that appear to have significant jurisdiction over some sort of wetlands. The upcoming sets include:

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LEGO Technic Promises More Of The Same in 2015

A batch of new LEGO Technic sets featuring heavy machinery and a variety of vehicles fit for racing will be available next year. The type of vehicles is very similar to what has been seen in the Technic theme in years past. The range of new sets expected for next year include:

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New Batch of DC Comics Super Heroes LEGO Sets To Be Released Next Year

New DC Super Heroes LEGO sets, some apparently even featuring Marvel characters (such as the Hulk) are due out next year. The leaked images of the new sets may not be final as Marvel, for some reason, has yet to get any mention for including its characters in the new sets. The new DC Comics Super Heroes LEGO sets for 2015 include:

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